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Adult Day Care

Who They Are and What They Do…

An adult daycare center is a non-residential facility specializing in providing activities for elderly or disabled individuals. Some specialize in the care of people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Participation in adult day care often delays admission to assisted living and nursing homes, as participants are able to remain at home with family members longer due to the added support. For participants who would otherwise stay at home alone, the social stimulation and recreational activities often improve, maintain, or delay decline of physical and cognitive function. For caregivers, adult day care centers provide respite care, enabling caregivers to work or to have a break from their care giving responsibilities. *

Basics to Know…

  • Most centers operate 10 – 12 hours per day, Monday through Friday
  • Often provide meals, social activities, recreational outings, and general supervision
  • Some centers maintain a nurse on-site with a small room devoted to clients where they can have vital signs checked by a medical assistant or nurse
  • Transportation, personal care, and counseling for caregivers may be available *
  • Some centers do not have their own location and will use space in religious centers, senior centers, councils on aging, or schools to host their program
  • Adult Day Centers in the US…
    • 3,500 centers currently operating
    • Est. 150,000 older Americans attend adult day centers daily
    • 78% of centers operate as non-profit or on a public basis
    • Average cost $56 / day and can be sponsored by outside providers

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