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When we get closer to retirement, it is a good idea to think about where we should live during our retirement. There are a lot of factors to consider when making our plans. You may wish to remain as close as possible to our immediate family members, or in the alternative, live someplace where your family members will enjoy coming for short visits rather than seeing them every day.

No one place can be the best in every category, but depending on which factors we rank the highest, it is possible to narrow the choices down to a short list of possibilities. The list of factors should at least include the following:
What Is The Local Area Cost Of Living?

How Will Buying A Home vs. Renting Affect Your Cash Flow Picture?

What Is The Income Tax Burden Where You Plan To Move, Including Taxes On Social Security and Pension Income, Property Taxes, Sales Taxes, and/or Inheritance Taxes?

What Resources Are Available That Can Reduce Your Personal Cost Of Living In The Communities You Are Considering?

What Are The Weather Conditions Throughout The Year?

Availability Of Public Transportation?

Where You Can Live The Longest And Healthiest Life?
What Is The Overall Safety Levels In The Community You Are Considering?
Availability Of Medical Services For Seniors?
Senior Lifestyle Amenities And Choices?
Whether Access To Travel Opportunities Is A High Priority?
Where You Can Best Fit In To Provide For Your Mental Wellness?

Where Can You Continue To Do The Things You Currently Like To Do Or Expand On Your Hobbies And Activities?

Whether You Will Fit In Best In A Large Metropolitan Area Or In A More Suburban or Rural Setting?

For Those Who Wish To Work During Retirement To Supplement Their Income Or Maintain Work Place Relationships, What Are The Job Prospects For Seniors In The Areas You Are Considering?

I will be writing a series of articles in the future on each of the factors set forth above, and hope that you will continue to visit my blog site in order to put each factor into perspective as well as to make your own comments related to each discussion.  For now, please think about how each of these factors would affect your decision and rank them in order of importance to you.  You will then have a factual framework from which to make your determination on the best local and type of community in which you would like to spend your retirement.