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Who They Are and What They Do…

An Ombudsman is a person who investigates complaints and acts as an independent mediator for fair settlement between aggrieved parties (usually residents and families) and the organization (usually Assisted Livings or Adult Family Homes).

Ombudsman Facts…

  • Sometimes can be an unpaid volunteer
  • Supported by Elder Affairs office or Area Agency on Aging
  • Used in many forms of government and in many organizations all over the world to act as an unbiased mediator
  • In Assisted Living, can represent both sides to one another and should be accepting of communication directly from residents/families and the ALF *
  • In some states they act only as an advocate for seniors
  • When an Ombudsman enters a community, it is usually because they have been contacted about a concern, they are following up on a previous visit, or they are completing a periodic visit. It is important that the whole team knows the Ombudsman and any meeting is discussed with the Executive Director.
  • An Ombudsman cannot directly recommend a specific ALF to a family with a concern, but they are aware of the needs of local seniors in several facilities in the area and have a direct line to local agencies on aging.