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Who They Are and What They Do…

A geriatrician is a medical doctor with post-graduate training in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine and 1-2 years additional training on medical, social, and psychological issues concerning older adults. A geriatrician manages the multiple health concerns of older adults and functions as the “Primary Care” physician. This physician practices a holistic approach to frailty and quality of life to older adults.
Geriatrician Focus:

  • Specializes in senior citizen care focused on identifying differences between disease and aging effects
  • Functional ability, independence, and quality of life is of greater concern
  • Works frequently with caregivers and decision makers for senior adults
  • Understands and works with seniors to manage multiple medications to ensure that they work together in a positive way for the senior

Care for “Geriatric Giants” (or primary care concerns for seniors): immobility, instability, incontinence, impaired intellect or memory, impaired vision and hearing.